Safe Houses meet on the first Friday evening of each month during school term. The youth are divided up into smaller groups, to spend time together dwelling in the word, gathering together and building connections.

Each young person is assigned to a Safe House according to their age, with individual cirumstances considered.

I enjoy Safe House because you learn important lessons about life while hanging out with your friends. (Year 7 student)

Safe House has taught me what it means to be a great person in society. Each month we talk about different relevant topics about today's society and how to deal with it when encountered. Also the hanging out with friends is a big plus.  (Year 10 / 11 student)

Something I like about Safe House is  the environment and not being judged for what you say and also the company of close friends.  (Year 10 /11)

Safe House has taught me skills in opening up to others' views, and how to be brave and voice your own views. (Year 8/9)