At St Paul’s we encourage everyone to be involved in a mentor relationship, to help young people reach their full potential as a disciple of Jesus supported by a network of meaningful, intentional relationships. Mentoring is a process of creating a supporting relationship that has benefits for both parties, through meeting regularly, praying for each other, being open and honest, and having fun together.


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Questions about Mentoring

Here are some answers to common questions.

It takes a village to raise a child. We must remember that although parents have a huge impact on children growing up, they are also exposed to many other influences.  The more caring adults we intentionally place in our young people's lives, the better equipped they will be for responding appropriately to the world around them.

Our goal at St Paul's in the mentoring practice is to set up our young people with effective support networks, keep them connected, and help them achieve both big and small goals. Studies have shown that young people who have multiple adults in their faith life investing in them, outside their family, are more likely to stay in the church as an adult. Mentors provide a different perspective, wisdom, guidance, care and can play a huge role in the faith development of youth, even continuing into young adulthood.

Everyone who wants to be confirmed needs a mentor, who will attend preparation sessions and meet up with between sessions to discuss what was covered.

As part of St Paul's and the Lutheran Church of Australia's care policy for young people, mentors of a person aged 18 or younger will be required to complete the following:
* Working With Children Check
* APPLICATION TO VOLUNTEER as part of St Paul's Ministry
* Provide 2 names of REFEREES
‚Äč* Face to Face or Webinar Training
* Be registered with Safety Management Online and complete SP3 Team Member training modules

Mentoring could involve conversation during any activity:

  • Playing sport together
  • Going out for coffee/hot chocolate
  • Going for a walk
  • Taking a class or learning a language together
  • Visiting a park / museum / cinema / show
  • Visiting different churches together
  • Volunteering together

Some comments from our OLDER YOUTH on mentoring...

I am more confident to share my faith with people.

I have enjoyed the peace and knowing that [my mentor] will listen and comfort me and wants the best for me.

I like hanging out in a non-church environment.

I have learned to value a mentoring relationship and develop a greater interest in the lives of women my mother's age.  I have also learnt that you can be great friends with people of this age bracket.

I am more aware of issues/views, e.g. gay marriage, modesty.

Contact Pastor Phil with your request. He will assist finding an appropriate person you can connect with.