Worship stands at the centre of what we do and is the place where God meets us and feeds us for our life of love and service to God and others.

Worship is celebrated at St Pauls each Sunday at 8.30 and 10.30 am.

Worship Services

The morning liturgical services vary between organ and instrumental accompaniment.


 Sunday 8.30am 10.30am
 1st  Organ  Instrumental
 2nd  Instrumental  Organ
 3rd  Organ  Instrumental
 4th  Instrumental  Organ
 5th  Instrumental  Organ


As Lutheran services are conducted in many different languages, cultures and countries, there are inevitably variations in expressions and styles of worship.  Generally, however, Lutheran services are in the 'catholic' tradition, following the ancient liturgies and observing historic usage. 

The Lord's Supper is celebrated at all services. Communion is offered to all baptised Christians who believe that Jesus offers his body and blood with the bread and wine, and who wish to receive forgiveness of sins and the life that Jesus offers.

Music features prominently in worship at St Paul's, with plenty of opportunity for singing. A choir and a wide variety of musicians support the services.

St Paul's provides a worship service each month at a local aged care facility, and people from St Paul's go along to support the service and to visit the residents.

Congregation participation is a feature of our worship. Many avenues are offered for people to help, from preparing the worship centre for services, to welcoming people, to reading lessons, to assisting the Pastors with leading the worship services.

Children are welcome at worship services and are recognised as an integral part of the worshipping community. Services include a children's sheet and a children's talk. Children are invited to participate fully through worship roles and liturgical involvement.