Reconciliation Ministry

A sermon series titled 'Blessed are the Peacemakers' was presented by Pr Neville and Pr Phil in Aug-Sept 2020.  Congregation members also took part in small group Bible studies on the topic, using the resource 'Blessed are the Peacemakers' by Lutheran-based Ambassadors of Reconciliation.  (Click the title above to access the sermons and other resources.)


Links to Sermons  (opens in Google Drive)


Week 1 - Understanding Conflict  (16 Aug 2020)

Week 2 - Responding to Conflict God's Way  (23 Aug 2020)

Week 3 - Finding Opportunities Within a Conflict  (30 Aug 2020)

Week 4 - 'Get the Log out of Your Own Eye'  (6 Sept 2020)

Week 5 - Forgive One Another  (13 Sept 2020)


Bible Study Resource Material

The Bible Study booklet 'Blessed are the Peacemakers' is available: 

- contact St Paul's Office, or 

- purchase from the ACR (Australian Christian Resources) website 


Other Helpful Resources

A Study on Reconciliation, from The Lutheran magazine, May 2019 (on the LCA website)

Understanding Forgiveness - an article from St Paul's magazine, 'Inside Story', September 2019  pdf

Listening to Others - a seminar held by Karen Dymke in Sept 2020 (opens in Google Drive)

Terms of Reference for the Listening and Facilitating Team (LiFt) pdf