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The End of the World
11:00am, Sunday, November 13, 2016
Passage: Luke 21:5-19
Series: General
Duration: 20 mins 10 secs
Travelling towards the Cross, Jesus spoke about the end times, trying to direct his disciples to a life beyond even the most imposing things that this world can offer. Jesus' words about false teachers also serve to warn us again today not to be distracted, placing our faith anywhere else but in Jesus himself. These can be difficult times to be a Christian, more so in other countries than here. We need to stay fixed on Christ who has come to bring the fullness of life. [Organ/Choir - Pentecost 26]
9:00am, Sunday, November 6, 2016
Passage: Ephesians 1:1
Series: General
Duration: 19 mins 42 secs
Are you a saint? Maybe yes, maybe no. What does it mean? What is the meaning of life? All saints should know. And what lies ahead? These are big questions addressed today. [Organ/Choir - All Saints Sunday]
Where Do We Stand?
11:00am, Sunday, October 30, 2016
Series: General
Duration: 22 mins
Fifty years is a good age for retrospection, and this is the 50th anniversary of the formationn of a single Lutheran Church of Australia. It is also Reformation Sunday, going back to the roots of Lutheranism when a junior professor of theology pinned 95 debating points on the academic noticeboard for discussion. (Five hundred years later, the Lutheran and Catholic churches are slowly moving back from conflict to communion.) What was all the fuss about? The very heart of the Gospel. [Organ/Choir - Reformation]
From Strength to Strength
11:16am, Sunday, October 23, 2016
Passage: Psalm 84:7
Duration: 16 mins 23 secs
How would you summarise the Christian life? Does “strength to strength” come to mind? Maybe not, but that is how the Good News of Jesus should come across to us. Today we look more closely at Psalm 84:7 to discover how this kind of life might be possible. (This address followed a performance of Bach's cantata BWV 113 "Lord Jesus Christ, O highest good".) [Organ/Choir - Pentecost 23]
Wrestling With God
9:00am, Sunday, October 16, 2016
Series: General
Duration: 19 mins 4 secs
We all struggle in life. We get anxious about the future. We wrestle with God and we want to know his will. God allows us to struggle with him, because he wants to guide our path. As Jacob wrestled with God, God blessed Jacob so that he can bring his blessing to others. God calls us to trust him, even in our weakness. He is in control. [Organ/Choir - Pentecost 22]
My Gospel
11:00am, Sunday, October 9, 2016
Series: General
Duration: 18 mins 58 secs
Paul emphasises that his gospel is to know nothing but Jesus Christ, and him crucified, and raised from the dead. [Organ/Choir - Pentecost 21]
Our Duty and Our Delight
9:00am, Sunday, October 2, 2016
Passage: Luke 17:5-10
Series: General
Duration: 20 mins 6 secs
We often operate out of duty. Duty is good, but it can crush us when it's not coupled with delight. We serve God dutifully out of God's delight in us, shown in the way that Jesus served through the cross. [Organ - Pentecost 20]
What Do You See?
11:00am, Sunday, September 25, 2016
Passage: Luke 16:19-31
Series: General
Duration: 22 mins 45 secs
In another challenging parable, Jesus upends the traditional idea that wealth is a reward earned from God, and points clearly to our responsibilities to those around us. But do we really see, or are we too self-absorbed? [Organ - Pentecost 19]
9:00am, Sunday, September 18, 2016
Passage: Luke 16:8
Series: General
When’s the last time you walked a little “crooked” in Jesus’ name? Did Jesus commend you for it? This is the teaching we hear about in Luke 16. Jesus praised the crooked manager (a translation from "The Message")! Find out why. [Organ/Choir - Pentecost 18]
Lost... Seeking... Finding... Rejoicing
11:00am, Sunday, September 11, 2016
Passage: Luke 15:1-10
Series: General
Duration: 20 mins 10 secs
Two of Jesus' most popular parables, which we might call the stories of the found sheep and the found coin, give us a picture of God as relentlessly searching for us, calling us back into relationship with him. And we are called to join this quest, inviting others to share in his kingdom, too. [Organ/Choir - Pentecost 17]