Latest sermons:
8:30am, Sunday, September 2, 2018
Passage: John 10:11-18
Series: General
Duration: 26 mins 21 secs
In the military, officers are trained so that, even when they cannot contact their commander, they still know what to do, exactly as the commander wants them to do it. We have our mental habits that sometimes limit our freedom, because we forget our Commander's intent, even though Jesus left very clear guidance, over and over again. His intent is that we have faith in him, and that we love just as he has loved us. As visiting Pastor Fred Veerhuis makes clear, that's a tall order — fortunately, he also empowers us. [Organ/Choir - Pentecost 15]
10:30am, Sunday, August 26, 2018
Passage: John 8:2-11
Series: General
Duration: 31 mins 20 secs
Visiting Pastor Fred Veerhuis gives us deep background on what was really going on with the woman caught in adultery, and provides a fresh insight into the cost of forgiveness. [Organ/Choir - Pentecost 14]