Who are we?

St Paul’s Lutheran Church is a vibrant Christian church located in Box Hill in Melbourne’s east. We are an intergenerational, multicultural community committed to sharing Jesus Christ’s love with each other and our neighbours through regular worship and active service. 

What does our name mean?

The apostle Paul taught that God's gift of grace is the basis for us being able to approach God and be saved, rather than our own efforts to be good and worthy. This is at the heart of what Lutherans believe. We, and many other Lutheran churches, have chosen to take St Paul’s name as a public commitment to our belief that we are saved by grace, for Christ's sake, through faith. 

Why are we here?

Gather (Sanctuary): To provide a safe place for members and visitors, where they are valued and respected and can find peace amid the busyness and stress of everyday life 

Grow (Community): To live together as God’s family - worshipping Him, building each other up in faith, and mirroring His love for all people 

Go (Outreach): To actively share the good news of Jesus Christ with others, from serving those in our local area to supporting international mission 

Where are we going?

A diverse community of people, 

Grounded in the Gospel, 

Committed to growing ourselves and each other, 

Equipped with God-given gifts, talents and resources, and 

Empowered by the Spirit to minister beyond our comfort zone. 

How are we going to get there?

In Christ we gather, grow, and go. 

This statement defines our process of building disciples in a lifelong journey with Christ. We start by Gathering people in Christ, and then we Grow in both relationships and knowledge, so we can Go and bring others to the same journey in Christ. 

What do we stand for?

• Unconditional welcome and acceptance 

• Variety in worship, including relevant preaching and teaching 

• Nurture and support 

• Witness and service to others 

• Celebration of different cultures and generations 

• Committed prayer

How are we staying safe?

  • We follow the LCA ethical standards of behaviour
  • We have a COVID Safe Plan  pdf
  • Our leaders attend Safe Church Training
  • We implement Safe Church practices using SP3 guidelines – Safe People, Safe Programs, Safe Places
  • We comply with Work Safe practices


St Paul's Lutheran Church
1201 Riversdale Road
Box Hill   VIC   3128
Tel: (03) 9899 0623

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The office is open weekdays from 10:30am - 4pm


We always give thanks for the many people who have donated generously to support the ministry life of St Paul's, whether in the past or the present, through regular offerings, in answer to specific needs, or as a bequest in a Will. 

You can donate to St Paul's in one of four ways: 



Our preferred method of receiving your offering is through REG.

Using REG, you fill in a form to authorise a regular direct debit from your bank account. 

Further information and forms are available from the LLL Website.

(If you already donate through REG, please consider updating your giving amount each year.) 



If you would prefer to make one-off or ongoing transfers by bank transfers that you organise, you can direct payments to our St Paul’s bank account. 

Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more details, if you would like to donate in this way.



Cash offerings are gratefully accepted.  Offering envelopes are available from the office, if needed.

Please consider changing your giving to an electronic method for ease of processing, or to make your donation when we are prevented from worshipping in person.



If you would like to support St Paul's Box Hill with one-off or ongoing transfers trom your credit card, you can do so via the button below.



At times, we also collect donations for specific purposes. 

One example is our current 'Blessing Fund', where donations go towards gifts and cards for people who need an extra helping hand due to changed or unforseen circumstances. 

Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you would like to donate towards this, or another specific purpose.



We have been very blessed in the past by people who have chosen to include a financial gift to St Paul's in their Will.

A bequest can be donated towards a particular ministry area, or as a generic gift to St Paul's to use in support of our wider and ongoing ministry of bringing the gospel to the world (preferred). 

It is highly recommended that you discuss your plans with your loved ones, and consult a legal practitioner about your Will. 

Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you have any questions about leaving a bequest to St Paul's.


We’re now located at 1201 Riversdale Road, Box Hill South.  Read on to find out more!

Our church is located at 1201 Riversdale Road, about 200m west of Station Street, on the corner of Lyndoch Street and Riversdale Road.
(formerly: St James Uniting Church)

There is bus transport from Box Hill Central via the 903 bus route, with a bus stop at our location.

There is parking available in our car park opposite the church (on the corner of Frank Street and Riversdale Road), and there is also ample on-street parking.

Melways reference 61 C3


Lutherans take their name from Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk and theologian in 16th century Germany. Luther believed that the church was ignoring or contradicting important teachings of Christ, and that it had become corrupt as an institution. 

Lutherans believe that God offers his eternal love to humans as a gift - it is not something that they can earn by what they do.